Innovation Project- a feasibility study for the northern Frisia


The BMVI also relies on the future concept of the innovation project "AirConnect-NF" and supports the feasibility study within the framework of the call for ideas and funding on the topic of "Unmanned Aerial Applications and Individual Air Mobility Solutions (UAS/flight taxis)" with a sum of more than 105,000 euros.
The BMVI supports companies, municipalities, scientists and start-ups within the framework of the call for funding. AirConnect-NF is one of 35 approved projects out of the 160 ideas for the future of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) submitted by the 2019 deadline and funded by the BMVI. For more information on the homepage of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure simply click here.  

Online-Survey on Airport leck

Dear visitor,
as part of the feasibility study, we conducted an online survey which dealt with the expansion of the Leck airport into a test site for UAVs and flight taxis. The survey has now been completed. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation and time. 

Overall goal of the feasibility study

The former military airfield Leck extends over a total of 322 hectares over three neighbouring communities (Leck, Tinningstedt and Klixbüll). The test site in Leck offers a value-adding and meaningful re-use for the rural area in the north of Germany. The motivation for the project results from the protected coastal region rich in energy and offering a variety of energy resources. These are to be used sensibly and ecologically in the northern region, opened and used by new markets. Due to these large quantities of renewable energies, especially wind power, various projects have been launched in the region to deal with the use and storage of electricity. Electromobility on the road is a crucial component.

Now the competence is to be extended to the field of civil aviation expecting enormous value creation potentials for the region of northern of Germany. In addition, completely new ecosystems can develop around the individual but also the public air mobility in rural areas with Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)/Air taxis.

17 Goals for a Better World and a Sustainable North Frisia


The feasibility study pursues the Agenda 2030 - 17 goals for sustainable development. You can find more information at:

Our 11 Goals

What is being researched?

The project and the feasibility study offers above all contributions and initial insights into new approaches to the deployment and application potential of UAS/air taxis as an innovative aviation concept for sustainable, ecological E-mobility in the northern German airspace. Furthermore, the potential for cooperation with the neighbouring country Denmark for a common basis for a cross-border deployment of UAS/air taxi is to be worked out. 

In addition, the study is to describe the use of air taxis for medical purposes and for the emergency supply or transport of medicine and doctors in the offshore area, on the islands and Halligen (small offshore islands). For example, insights into the protection and safety of offshore personnel with the use of a flying taxi at sea or in the case of an accident or sea rescue are to be presented. The use of UAS and air taxis is also intended to create equal living conditions for the people living in the countryside. A local and comprehensive medical care with a functioning and efficient hospital, including emergency and rescue services, is not available in the immediate vicinity for people living on the Halligen and islands in the northern Germany. 

The area of operations in Schleswig-holstein

Here you can see the updated overview map of the district of Nordfriesland with Leck and the surrounding municipalities as a possible area of application for e-flight taxis with approved landing sites that can be used for both horizontal and vertical aircraft as well as places without approved landing sites that can only be used for vertical aircraft. You will also get an insight into the determined ranges or distances with the proximity to the coast, islands and Halligen as well as to neighbouring Denmark and the resulting high flight demand. 

Source: GKU Standortentwicklung GmbH in use of Open Street View

Overview of the work packages

Utilization planning

The results of this project should contribute to the creation of framework conditions for E-aviation in the coastal region of North Frisia. The future implementation of E-aviation and E-mobility opens new opportunities for the region and can thereby increase the region's economic efficiency and create quality jobs in the future. The region offers great potential for acting as a model region and should serve as a model example for other municipalities. Cross-border cooperation with Danish partners is intended to offer added developmental value in this project in order to exchange mutual competences and jointly develop them further.

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